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-When It Falls also gives you the possibility to set a desktop picture
-you get from the most popular RSS feeds from various websites
-It is also possible to set a different wallpaper or screen saver for each RSS website
-You can put links to other RSS websites that you like (or add links to them)
-You can also customize the panels as much as you want
-And you can create your own RSS feeds

Here are some of the content of this blog:

After installing the theme you will find it in the Win 7 Themes category.
If you like to add it to your desktop, right-click on the desktop, and go to Customize.
Scroll to the bottom of the window and under Themes select when it falls.

How to reset the system or the computers to the original factory settings.
If you have a problem with your PC or computer, like it won’t start, won’t boot, or sometimes when you start your computer it displays the windows logo and then go black, you will need to reset the system.
Most of the time, resetting the system will solve the problem. Resetting the system will also remove all the changes and configurations you have made to it.
There are two methods to reset a Windows XP computer, and both will work in Windows 7. You can also use the command prompt.
Use Windows Easy Recovery option to reset the computer

1.Click the Start button
2.Choose the All Programs tab
3.Click Accessories
4.Click Command Prompt
5.Type the following command

Reset computer to default settings in Windows 7

1.Click Start button
2.Click Control Panel
3.Click System and Security
4.Click System
5.Click Advanced System Settings
6.Click Reset
7.Click Keep my files
8.Click Reset

Reset computer to default settings in Windows 8

1.Click Start button
2.Click Settings
3.Click Update and security
4.Click Recovery
5.Click Reset this PC
6.Click Recommended
7.Click Erase everything

Reset System

1.Press the power button
2.Let it turn off
3.Keep the button pressed until you see the Windows logo
4.Release the button
5.The system will restart
6.It will take a while before it fully reboots 384a16bd22

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– You can’t change the default images.
– Can’t restore the original images after editing the text.
How to use:
– Drag and drop the MSOComprex.bat file over the MSOComprex.exe file.
– After that, the MSOComprex.bat file should be replaced with a _CPX_RESTORED file.
– You can edit the text content and everything else should be restored.
Download Link:


A few suggestions:

Highlight the text and copy it to the clipboard
Create a new Word document, paste the text, and then delete it
Save a new PDF file, paste the text, and then delete the PDF file.
Save a new.doc file, paste the text, and then delete the.doc file.
Save a new.rtf file, paste the text, and then delete the.rtf file.
Save a new.txt file, paste the text, and then delete the.txt file.
Save a new.pdf file, paste the text, and then delete the.pdf file.

You’ll find the converted text in the location %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Templates\[FILEEXT] You’ll probably find it in the [DOCX] folder.
This is what I did, and I had exactly the result you describe.


This technique is useful if you want to remove just one image from the document, and you do not want to change the layout of the text.
You can use a third-party tool like BleachBit, as stated here:
This tool is capable of removing images that are embedded in documents.
You will have to perform these steps:

Open the MSOComprex.bat file using a text editor.
Remove the line that reads «OPENFILE %%D\EMR_IMG_FILE.png»
Save the file, and run it as administrator.
If everything goes well, it should start the removal process.


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