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Check the colours of your site using colour contrast checker.
This extension checks your colours against a contrast ratio of 5:1 (the recommended ratio) and identifies the worst and best colour combinations.
It also includes a colour picker.
• You can choose the colour pairs you want to check.
• You can also copy the hex code of the colours that passed the check.
• Supports 6 colour combinations.
• Includes a colour picker.
• Easy to use, no add-ons are required.

Define a design style that suits your brand
Design is the foundation for your business. Without a successful, user-friendly website, there is nothing for you to sell to your customers. The visual design of your site is of paramount importance because it’s what will most definitely draw the attention of visitors. After all, nobody will want to read a long text that isn’t visually appealing.
While there are thousands of ways to create a visually appealing web design, the problem is that a lot of web design trends have come and gone in recent years. We already talked about the specific WCAG guidelines in the previous section, and we would like to guide you through a few free resources that will help you with the long and confusing task of creating a successful web design.
From the very beginning, it’s important to establish a clear identity. Once you figure out what kind of design you want to go for, you will be able to create a cohesive design that matches your business’ needs. The fastest way to figure out what you want is to actually test your web design on your audience. In order to do this, you will need to use the right kind of feedback in the most user-friendly way. The only way to understand how your website would look on a different device is to try it out in your target audience’s environment.
An insight into how your web design will perform on different devices can be obtained by using the Responsive Design Checker tool, which is included in the Responsive Testing Toolkit. With this tool, you can quickly load up your web page or your website’s HTML code on different devices in order to understand how your site looks in different environments. The Responsive Design Checker is very easy to use, as it comes with a built-in “device menu” that provides all the necessary information.
Another important thing that will affect the visual design of your website is the web browsers 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro is a function that allows the user to add user-defined functionality at the beginning of a script to enhance the script.
For example, using KeyMacro the user can set the default location where an application will be installed, the default path for the application’s executable or library files, or the default path for the application’s dynamic link library (DLL) files.
How to use it:
The KEYMACRO function creates a user-defined data type that will be saved during installation and used later in the script.
Each KEYMACRO function will have a name and a user-defined data type. The KEYMACRO function is used as the first word in the #INCLUDE statement of a script, followed by its name. For example:
#INCLUDE «MyKeyMacro.iss»
Fully qualified name:
#INCLUDE «MyKeyMacro.iss»
Fully qualified name:
[MyKeyMacro] mykey = «aUser-defined Data Type name»
1. Only KEYMACRO functions will be supported in a script.
2. The order in which the KEYMACRO functions appear in a script does not affect the functionality of other KEYMACRO functions.
3. The first KEYMACRO function defined in a script will become the default function.
4. The default value of each KEYMACRO function is always assigned as a string literal. The default value will never be evaluated as a function.
5. The KEYMACRO functions can be used as the first word in an #INCLUDE statement.
6. Each KEYMACRO function can have multiple default values.
7. All default values of a given KEYMACRO function must be assigned with the same value.
8. If a script contains multiple #INCLUDE statements that contain KEYMACRO functions, then each function will be assigned a default value, one after another, for the functions to take effect.
This feature is only available in Inno Setup version 4.2.2 or higher. It will not work in Inno Setup 5.
[MyKeyMacro] mykey = «aUser-defined Data Type name»


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